Finance 101: Wholesale vs Retail

Selling products is a great way to have income on a regular basis. The problem is sometimes people are not aware of what the difference is between selling at the wholesale level or the retail level. By knowing this information it is going to be easy for people to understand more about what type of business they are going to need to open and how they are going to open the business. Without this information, people could think they are able to open a business without putting any thought into the business and this could easily lead to them having problems because the business is going to fail because of the lack of planning or education that people have on what the difference is between retail and wholesale.

Items To Consider For Wholesale Businesses

Minimum Order Quantity

Typically when people are opening up a wholesale business, such as wholesale handbags, wholesale shoes, etc., unless they plan on doing drop shipping for customers they will have a minimum quantity of product that people have to order. With this minimum quantity that people have to order it will make a difference on how much people can afford, but also make a difference on how much the business has to carry of any given product. For example, if a business has to order twenty walking sticks to get the wholesale price, then the wholesale supplier should at least carry 20 of those walking sticks, but should actually carry five to ten times more so they can supply multiple businesses without running out.

Lower Pricing

Typically when people are running a wholesale business, they will have the minimum order in place, but the main reason for this is so they can keep the pricing lower. So people are going to find the prices that they are using for the wholesale business is significantly lower than what they are used to having for a retail product. However, this does not mean the wholesale business is not making money, instead the business is making the money by selling it in quantity to the businesses that are reselling the product. However, the business needs to make sure they are keeping their prices high enough to remain profitable if their cost increases before the next order comes in.

Must Stock Large Quantities

Stocking larger quantities is something else that people in a wholesale location will also see. Since the wholesale businesses are typically selling to other businesses than just one, they need to keep multiples of the product on hand. By doing this, the business will make sure it has enough on hand to supply people, but also have enough to supply all of the new businesses they can take on.

Have A Variety Of Products

Typically a wholesale location is going to have a variety of products. Even in the wholesale warehouses that are specialized in a single part of the home, like the kitchen, people will find they are going to have to carry a variety of the products that are used in the kitchen on a daily basis. So people who are running the wholesale kitchen suppliers need to make sure they know more about the items they are going to have to carry and how they are going to stock these.

Sells To Retail Establishments

Typically with a wholesale location they are going to supply directly to the retail locations. So this means the business is going to have to only locate some of the best stores to sell to and they will have a strong relationship with these stores to make sure they are going to get the right customer base.

Retail Considerations To Make

Sells To Customers

The retail locations are going to sell directly to the customers. When people are going to sell directly to the customer they are going to have to find out what the customers want to have, but also get the items the customers want in stock. However, the retail locations are going to be more established and have more interaction on a regular basis with the customers who they are helping.

No Minimum Order

Typically when people are selling at a retail location they do not have a minimum order that they are requiring their customers to buy. This means the customers are going to be able to buy just one of each item for a price mark up. So people will be able to get the amount that they need, rather than having to figure out where they could store a large number of products at once.


Does Not Carry A Large Inventory

With the retail locations people will find out that they do not have to store a lot of inventory to stay in business. Since the business is in the process of selling individual products to the customers directly, they are going to have to only sell one or two at a time. Since the businesses are not selling as much at once, they do not have to carry as much of any of the products that are required. Without this, the business would have to carry a large amount of the products and this could easily cost the business a small fortune, before they would make it back.

Having a business can be exciting, but it is also a challenge because sometimes people do not know if they should select between the retail type of business or if they should do a wholesale business. By knowing about a couple of the main differences between these two types of businesses, though, it is very easy for people to know what kind of business they should open. Then people will get a better feel about how they are opening the business and even what kind of business they are opening. Without this, people could make a mistake and open a wholesale business, when the area they are in is demanding that they open only a retail location because it would make them quite a bit more money.

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