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  1. Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

    Wed 25 May 2016

    What are clairvoyant readings?Tarot cards hold the potential for a lot of potent symbolic imagery and clairvoyants often use these pictures to better focus their thoughts on the problems of their clients in order to some up with solutions. Clairvoyance means ‘clear seeing’ and psychics are gifted with this ability to see things residing in a spiritual plane which are otherwise hidden. Clairvoyants can be remote viewers, which mean that they can see visions things happening in the present which can be useful in locating people or objects in the present. Other can be more sensitive to receiving spiritual information. They may be able to detect spiritual energies and auras surrounding people and objects, and are thus able to see any barriers or blocks that people may be facing.

    First and foremost, as in attending any psychic reading, you should come prepared with a set of questions beforehand that you want to ask your clairvoyant. Knowing what you want to get from the reading is important so be sure to have clear questions in mind. Your clairvoyant will usually prefer that you ask more general questions to begin with so that you can slowly narrow the focus of your questions. At the beginning of the session, the clairvoyant will typically discuss more general topics such as family, health, romance etc. and then move on to the more specific issues. Do not be afraid to ask questions and advice targeted towards angels, spirit guides and even departed family members. Feel free to talk about or ask anything you wish as your psychic professional values discretion and confidence, and will never use any of the information you freely give out. Be prepared for events in which you may not get the answer which you were expecting or do not get an answer at all. There are many variables involved in clairvoyant reading and if your psychic is feeling stressed or is ill, they may not be able to access information as efficiently. Some information is also impossible to obtain and is not knowable, so questions aimed at getting this type of information may be fruitless. It may also be useful to take notes as your psychic talks for later reflection.

    Clairvoyant readings are unique in that they are ideal for covering a wide range of topics from love, past relationships, career, finances, your life path, and the past, present and future. However, do be warned that clairvoyant readings involve the absolute honest truth which not everyone may want hear, accept in a constructive manner or be able to deal with in a positive way. While your psychic adviser will tell you these truths about yourself in a supportive way and with the intent of guiding you, it is the truth which will be told just as it is. If you think you cannot deal with this type of reading, an angel reading which is more nurturing would be a better option for you. However, if you think you need some uncensored truth and straight talk in your life so you can make the changes you need to make in your life, a clairvoyant reading is suitable for you.What are the benefits of a clairvoyant reading?

    Getting a clairvoyant reading can be a very fulfilling and enlightening experience, and you can get a lot of information about your life which may have escaped you due to the demands of your daily life. Clairvoyants are often more sensitive than an average person because of the gifts that they were born with and also because they have had the opportunity and time to hone their skills. Although some of the things that your clairvoyant may tell you during a reading may not make sense immediately, keep an open mind because the true meaning may only occur to you later in the context of some event or new development. You can also draw on what the clairvoyant observes to make your own deductions and increase your sensitivity to the world around you.

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  2. How to Give Past Life Readings...and Maintain Your Credibility!

    Wed 16 September 2015

    Yes, you can learn to give past life readings and keep your reputation intact! Why is it that people's past lives often sound so ridiculous and lack all credibility? You might have heard people talk about their past life as a mighty General who led the troops to victory, or living as Cleopatra in a more distant past life.

    These tall stories are usually as ridiculous as they sound, but there is a way to give accurate past life readings and come to learn about your own past lives and those of others you meet.

    Past lives are entirely real and we have all had several past lives at the very least. Sometimes we even bring over cell memory from a past life and remember minute details about experiences we have had before we incarnated into this life.

    To discover your past lives and give past life readings, practise the following exercise by yourself and then with other people, aiming to be open to every psychic impression you receive.

    How to Give Past Life Readings

    1. Become comfortable and remove yourself from all distractions. Light a candle or some incense if it helps you to relax and make these spiritual exercises even more enjoyable.

    2. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing, following the path of each deep inhalation and exhalation. If any other thoughts arise in your mind, let them pass and return your attention to your breathing.

    3. After 2-3 minutes of deeper breathing and relaxation, ask to be surrounded by a protective bubble of white light. Visualise yourself in this white bubble, safe and protected and ready to explore your past lives.

    4. With your eyes still closed, take your attention to your third eye, the area between your eyebrows. Continue to breathe more deeply than you normally do.

    5. Next, ask to be shown images from your most recent past life. You might see a uniform to reveal who you were. Begin to mentally ask questions while maintaining your focus on your third eye, sensitive to all thoughts and images that come to you after you have asked questions about your most recent past life. Say to yourself:

    In my most recent past life:

    Who was I?

    Was I male or female?

    Was I tall or short?

    Was I old or young when I passed away?

    When and where did I live?

    What sort of work did I do?

    What lessons did I learn in that life?

    In fact, ask your higher self any questions which are of interest to you about this past life.

    After you have mentally asked a question, allow all the following impressions to gently wash over you. You might feel suddenly taller or shorter, or wiser or completely different to how you normally feel today. You may have a strong sense of what you did for a living in your most recent past life. Go with the flow of these impressions and when the information and pictures in your head slow down, ask another question.

    1. When you have sufficiently explored your most recent past life, continue in the same way to explore the past life before that one. Mentally say to yourself I am now ready to rediscover the life previous to the one I have just been exploring and then ask the above questions again to explore your second most recent past life.

    2. When you have finished exploring your past lives for this session bring some movement back into your hands, feet and face, waking up your body and return your awareness to the room you are in.

    When giving past life readings for another person, simply enter again into your relaxed, meditational state of mind but this time ask to be shown images which reveal your client or friends's most recent past life. Ask questions in the same manner as before to explore their most recent past lives.

    The more you practise this exercise, the more details you will discover about the past lives of yourself and others.

    Some advantages of exploring your past lives are to understand any themes you share from your past incarnations with this life (such as being a 'rescuer' of others), or to discover how you got that birth mark on your body (birth marks are often an imprint of something that happened to you in a past life).

    So have fun exploring your past lives and remember to run with every impression you get without censoring the information that comes to you during your past life meditations.

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